Happiest New Year!

Confession: I started my “new year’s resolutions” a little early. That way, I knew I had some time to get into the habits for a “flawless” transition into the new year. Okay, so I started three days before the new  year… hardly enough time to develop a habit. Or maybe it was just my way … Continue reading

Twelve Months of Christmas – Intro

I know what you’re thinking… Twelve months of Christmas?! Shouldn’t that be twelve days? I mean, I like Christmas and all, but twelve months is a whole year… And doesn’t that make Christmas less special? But I did mean twelve months of Christmas! Not twelve months of celebrating, of having the house decorated and lights … Continue reading

Manageable Goals

Is there a way you could take all your weaknesses (or at least most of them) and sum them up in one word, phrase, or sentence? I can. My biggest frustration with myself, and the reason I have so many messes in so many places. Unfinished tasks. I wanted to clean my kitchen for my … Continue reading

Milestone Motivators: Happy Birthday to Me!

Remember as a kid when we wanted “cool” stuff for our birthdays? Toys, clothes, experiences, special meals and our favorite cake decorated with our favorite colors or characters? And now as grown-ups, our birthday requests are centered more on other people and making life more manageable. Stuff like vacuum cleaners and time spent with family. … Continue reading

Power of Words: “Right Now”

We all have rough days. Some years we have 365 in a row. But when addressing a challenging situation, I’ve learned two words that make it more bearable. They put things into perspective. Whatever my frustration or impossible situation, I describe it as being “right now.” Read these sentences, then reread them with the added … Continue reading

Too Soon to Party?

Too Soon to Party?

We’ve just come off of what is quite possibly the busiest season of our lives. And we wanted to celebrate with some friends. So we sent out invitations and cleaned like CrAzY! There was a point in time when I doubted my decision to have people over so soon. After all, we had been in … Continue reading

Bouncing Back from Mistakes

Bouncing Back from Mistakes

My least favorite thing about myself? I’m not perfect… I make mistakes. And sometimes it’s hard to recover from those mistakes. Really hard. Even the insignificant ones seem to be a screaming statement about my self worth. Like the other day when I was trying to find the dust pan. What does it say about … Continue reading

Be Kind to Yourself. Seriously.

I can be hard on myself over undone dishes and untreated spots on the floor. Really hard. Like, if I overhead someone else talking about me that way, I’d probably punch them. It comes in spurts and sometimes I talk myself down, other times I join the pity party and it becomes a downward spiral of inadequacy. … Continue reading

Why I’m Giving Away Kids’ Clothes

Most people hold on to clothes “in case we need them again.” With two girls, sixteen months apart, we knew early on that we would need those girls’ clothes again in the near future. In fact, i don’t even take the “in between” size out of the closet and dresser, I just put them in between the … Continue reading

But I Just Cleaned That!

I spent the entirety of nap time in the kitchen yesterday. I made two loaves of banana bread (which takes virtually the same amount of time as baking one), and washed the dishes and cleaned the counters while they baked. My feet hurt by the time I was done, but the sight of the clean … Continue reading