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Bringing the Food Budget Under Control – Part 1

Bringing the Food Budget Under Control – Part 1

Food is arguably the largest living expense outside of housing (and if you’re really reckless, it could be more than housing). It’s also potentially the most unpredictable. I knew I needed to bring our food budget under control, but kept hitting road blocks despite my best intentions. Busy schedules and active kids don’t care about our … Continue reading

Help! I forgot to plan for dinner!

The Trap The phone rings, and it’s my husband on his way home from work. “What’s for dinner,” he inevitably asks. “Ummm… how about eating out tonight?” After a long, hard day of work or play, 4:00 always come around sooner than I expect it to. This is when it is tempting just run through … Continue reading

Are we there yet?

Road Trips I’m so thankful that my toddler hasn’t developed too much of a vocabulary yet, because it will only be a matter of time before she starts asking, “Are we there yet,” as soon as we’ve finished loading the car and turned on the engine for the long ride to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. … Continue reading