Making Room For Purple Days

Today is a purple day. What is a purple day? Life is really full right now. Teaching homeschool, caring for a baby, and a commitment to a less expensive lifestyle (more cooking from scratch, etc.) fill a lot of time, and Easter musical is upon us now, too. Some days are full from start to finish: morning routine-> school-> laundry-> dinner-> play practice -> bed time. These days, with evening commitments on top of daytime commitments, need a different set of expectations at home. So I looked at my calendar, grabbed the prettiest highlighter I saw (purple), and highlighted these dates. That’s why they’re purple days.

I know on purple days, I’m not going to go “above and beyond” at home because time and energy are finite.

I also know that on non-purple days, I need to work extra hard to get those jobs done.

So a purple day looks like this:
-Regular daytime routine (breakfast, school, etc.)
-ONE load of laundry washed and dried
-ONE running of the dishwasher
-Easy dinner (slow cooker, leftovers, frozen pizza, etc.), but no eating out (because that’s actually NOT easy!)
-And a whole lot of self-inflicted grace for the dishes, laundry, and clutter that didn’t get addressed

And a non-purple day looks like this:
-Regular daytime routine
-At least two loads of laundry
-Run the dishwasher, twice if necessary
-Multi-serving dinner (large pot of chili, lasagna, etc.)
-three to four of the  following, as necessary
*laundry put away, at least partly
*hand washed dishes
*garbage out
*recycle out
*diaper laundry (that less expensive lifestyle I mentioned earlier)
*meal planning
*grocery shopping
*lesson planning and prep
*sewing or mending
*dusting, mopping, or other deep-ish cleaning
*baking en masse
-And a whole lot of self-inflicted grace for the dishes, laundry, and clutter that didn’t get addressed. Even non-purple days are only 24 hours long, after all.

Do you have purple days in your life?


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