Running On Empty

It’s been a long, festive weekend, and the kids aren’t the only ones who are worn out! Early mornings, late nights, cranky kids, plenty of home “recovery” to do (laundry, dishes, etc.), and third trimester pregnancy. Every load of laundry requires two flights of stairs each way, and I’m just not having it! The kids protest at every request, and I don’t have the emotional energy for conflict. Either way, I need to get something done today…

Thirty minutes later…

It’s hard to push oneself when tired, but I try to challenge myself to go at least 15 minutes past the exhaustion (either to build my stamina or to avoid a completely unproductive day). So in the last 30 minutes, I moved some laundry around, tidied the living room, and even persuaded my kids to pick up some of their own stuff. It’s not perfect – is anything perfect? – but it is progress. And that counts for something.

Now I’m going to take a little rest, reheat some leftovers (perhaps to eat off of paper plates), and get some more work done. 😉




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