Happiest New Year!

Confession: I started my “new year’s resolutions” a little early. That way, I knew I had some time to get into the habits for a “flawless” transition into the new year. Okay, so I started three days before the new  year… hardly enough time to develop a habit. Or maybe it was just my way of bucking tradition… “Don’t tell ME when I can start making better choices!”

In reality, it was more that we got paid on December 30 and not January 1, so it was start early or wait until January 15 to be more on-budget and buy better food, etc.

So here’s what I’m working on for 2016:

A more simple, organized home (aka getting rid of about half our stuff)
Eliminating processed food wherever possible (realistically, weaning and using up until about November March or April)
Better choices for our bodies, since we each only get one
No unnecessary spending

So, pretty much everything I blog about here at Help My Home, but continuing to be more intentional. So, it’s not a New Year’s Resolution, per se, just a continued commitment toward improving our life. And that’s something that we work on 365.24 days a year, for the next 100 years or so. Not just on January 1.


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