Manageable Goals

Is there a way you could take all your weaknesses (or at least most of them) and sum them up in one word, phrase, or sentence? I can. My biggest frustration with myself, and the reason I have so many messes in so many places.

Unfinished tasks.

I wanted to clean my kitchen for my birthday. I knew I wouldn’t get the whole thing “white glove” perfect, but I wanted to address all of the visible mess. Cluttered counters, dirty dishes, and unmopped, unswept floors.

I actually managed to wash all my dishes. *Pats self on back.* And then I got tired bored. Don’t get me wrong. I really really REALLY wanted a clean kitchen. But my attention span is short.

And I was unable to cross “clean the kitchen” off my to-do list.

Unchecked items on the list an be suuuuuuuper frustrating. But no unchecked item is as frustrating as only having one item and not even being able to check that item as being done.

But it was unchecked because it was a huge item. Don’t get jealous, because I didn’t say huge kitchen. I said it’s a huge item. As in, C-L-E-A-N K-I-T-C-H-E-N is twelve letters long and easy to write, but it contains twelve THOUSAND subparts.

For example: wash dishes… Run water, add soap, grab clean towel, wash a fork, dry a fork, wash a fork, dry a fork, wash a fork, dry a fork (repeat times infinity), wash a plate, dry a plate, wash a pan, dry a pan… I can feel my eczema flaring up just writing about it. Then clear the table (100 subparts here), clear a counter, clear another counter, clear the floor, wipe the counter, scrub the stovetop, assess whatever it is that spilled and dried onto my cabinet faces, sweep the floor, move the chairs, sweep some more, run the mop water, dunk the mop, squeeze the mop, mop the floor, repeat (the dunk, squeeze, mop, I mean… Not the whole thing).

Say it with me now. AAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHH. I can’t hear you. You need to scream louder and with more passion! Try again…

(No wonder I couldn’t check off “clean kitchen.”)

Are you familiar with SMART goals? Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound? I had time-bound (for my birthday) but that was about all I had. One would think “Kitchen” was specific, but no. So here’s the new “to-do” list for a belated completion of my birthday gift:

  • Run the dishwasher (4:40 Friday)
  • Hand wash the remaining dishes (8:30 Friday)
  • Clear the kitchen table (again… it was literally just clean three hours ago, now it looks like this:)  (5:10 Friday)
  • Declutter the counter by the fridge
  • Declutter the counter between the sink and stove
  • Declutter the coffee pot counter
  • Wipe down all the counters
  • Scrub the stove
  • Tip the dishes in the dishwasher so they can dry faster (7:10 Friday)
  • Declutter the floor to the kitchen border
  • Sweep the floor
  • Mop the floor (I need to address the hallway attached to the kitchen before I mop, but certainly before the weekend is over I should be able to do so.)

That list is a lot longer than one item, yet (not) surprisingly less intimidating. Right now it’s 4:30pm Friday and time to add to the cluttered counters start making dinner. But my goal is to update you as I actually finish each of these tasks (not that it matters to you when I finish, just holding myself accountable).

Blessed weekend, everyone!


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