Milestone Motivators: Happy Birthday to Me!

Remember as a kid when we wanted “cool” stuff for our birthdays? Toys, clothes, experiences, special meals and our favorite cake decorated with our favorite colors or characters?

And now as grown-ups, our birthday requests are centered more on other people and making life more manageable. Stuff like vacuum cleaners and time spent with family. Similar to “no more lives torn apart, and wars will never start,” but slightly less global.

For my birthday this year, I’m cleaning my  kitchen. I’m not asking someone else to do it. I’m cleaning it myself. We’ve had spurts of clean and even stretches of clean, and we’ve been building better habits along the way. Enough so that the dishes are done every night (for the most part) and I have learned how much I love coming downstairs in the morning to an empty sink (and fresh coffee already brewed in the coffee pot). And most days, I can keep most of my counters and most of my table clean. But it’s time to get the whole kitchen wholly clean. I probably won’t get to deep cleaning the cabinets or re-organizing the fridge, but it’s time to take care of all the random stuff I’ve been kind of putting off.

So far today, I put away 30+ rolls of toilet paper, threw out a dead plant, and washed those pesky non-dishwasher-friendly dishes, cut up some cereal boxes and removed the Box Tops, and set out some fall decorations for a more festive feel. And by the end of the day, before my official birthday tomorrow, I’m hoping my  kitchen looks a little more like a “grown-up” lives here.

And maybe by next birthday, I’ll get to the rest of the house. I’d better make sure I blow out all 30+ candles when I make that wish!


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