Too Soon to Party?

We’ve just come off of what is quite possibly the busiest season of our lives. And we wanted to celebrate with some friends. So we sent out invitations and cleaned like CrAzY!

There was a point in time when I doubted my decision to have people over so soon. After all, we had been in survival mode for so long, focusing on details like getting food on the table and squeezing in a shower, and ignoring the monster messes in just about every room of the house. Should I have given myself more time? Or had I pushed it off for too long already?

It turned out that the pending doom excitement of having visitors was enough to kick us into high gear. Don’t get me wrong, technically “I don’t clean for other people, I clean for myself and my family,” but having people over motivates me to do it faster. The difference is, I’m not trying to impress anyone or convince them my house looks perfect all the time, I just want everyone to be comfortable.

Since cleaning my house for the party, here’s what we are NOT focusing on… The desk, the bedroom floor, or the *ahem* boxes of clutter that got pushed into the basement Saturday morning. We’ll get to them when the time is right, but we’re focusing on one habit at a time… For long-term change instead of just a short-term impression. Once we’ve proven to ourselves that we can keep our living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways clean (and even the kids’ playroom and hopefully bedroom) then we can move on to the next self-improvement project.

What we ARE focusing on is this: maintaining what we’ve done. Sweeping the floor and washing the dishes, wiping down the table and counters, putting everything away at the end of every night, and routinely vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms. (When we start with a clean slate, we realize how much junk accumulates in 24 hours…

Now, it’s time to do some laundry.


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