Be Kind to Yourself. Seriously.

I can be hard on myself over undone dishes and untreated spots on the floor. Really hard. Like, if I overhead someone else talking about me that way, I’d probably punch them. It comes in spurts and sometimes I talk myself down, other times I join the pity party and it becomes a downward spiral of inadequacy.

Think of your home as a workplace where you are your own boss and your own employee. What was that quote about happy employees? I couldn’t find the one I was thinking of because there are literally dozens, if not hundreds of quotes about happy employees, and they all say pretty much the same thing. A happy employee gets more stuff done.

So first and foremost make sure your employee is happy. Don’t beat yourself up over the pile of laundry or the dried up yogurt (or whatever that is) on the living room sofa. Hug your kids. Kiss your husband. Wink at yourself in the mirror and say a word of encouragement. Then when you’re convinced that your self worth isn’t based on how shiny your sink is, but rather on how much God says you’re worth (which is a lot), and you’re content with who you are, that’s the time to put all your heart into making your home enjoyable for your family and friends. Do it because you’re happy, and you’ll get more done, and be content with it.


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