Why I’m Giving Away Kids’ Clothes

Most people hold on to clothes “in case we need them again.” With two girls, sixteen months apart, we knew early on that we would need those girls’ clothes again in the near future. In fact, i don’t even take the “in between” size out of the closet and dresser, I just put them in between the clothes my girls are currently wearing, because some still fit my oldest child and some already fit my youngest, and the rest would be out of storage in three months, anyway.

But anything that my youngest has outgrown, I’m giving away.

Are we done having kids? Probably not.

Might we have another girl? It’s a possibility. (Approximately 50% with each kid.)

So why give them away if we might use them again some day? Because I’m not using them now. And when I weigh the idea of someone else’s kid going near-naked in the winter (or hungry because Mom spent the money on clothes instead of food) against the idea of a 50% chance that I’ll have another kid who will wear it four years down the road, I’m leaning towards letting someone else use it now.

Really, there are four reasons I’m giving away the kids’ clothes:

  1. Being a blessing to others shows gratitude for the blessings we have received. Our kids have never gone without sufficient clothes, food, books, or toys because God has faithfully provided through various means.
  2. Passing it on reminds me that not only was God faithful to provide it for me in the first place, but He knows my future needs and will supply again when the need arises. (Matthew 6:28-30)
  3. We are commanded to look out for those less fortunate than we are. (Matthew 25:45)
  4. Why store clothes for some day when someone else can use them now? (Matthew 6:19)

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