But I Just Cleaned That!

I spent the entirety of nap time in the kitchen yesterday. I made two loaves of banana bread (which takes virtually the same amount of time as baking one), and washed the dishes and cleaned the counters while they baked. My feet hurt by the time I was done, but the sight of the clean counter was worth it.

Then, I pulled the bread out of the oven and mustered the energy to make dinner. Of course, by that time I had used my energy and my back-up supply of personal resolve. So the dinner dishes, while promptly cleared from the table, got washed in the morning instead of in the evening. Besides that, the dishwasher was already running.

I don’t profess to be an expert, but I’m starting to believe that emotional resolve is just as much a muscle as any other muscle in the body. It needs strengthening, gradually built up over time. Start with the obtainable and celebrate the little victories, and the next day put in 10-15 minutes’ worth of work after I feel like I just can’t do any more.

Sure I could have beengot a little discouraged that no one could have possibly known that I spent all day in the kitchen (except maybe the friend who received a loaf of banana bread or my husband who observed the thermostat after I ran the oven) even though spent the better part of an hour (the bake time for a loaf of banana bread) washing dishes and scrubbing counters. But the next morning I jumped right back into the routine, emptied the bread making dishes from the dishwasher and ran the dinner dishes through first thing in the morning. Right back in track.

Now I just need to get back into the laundry groove!


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