Homeschooling Week Two


Double Ugh.

We’ve started homeschooling. Don’t my “ughs” confuse you, the kids are actually doing quite well.

We just have a lot going on right now.

Oh, and that week one routine? Out the window on day one. Well, sort of. We’re still finding a routine that works for everyone, including my sobbing, eye-rubbing, “I’m not tired” four-year-old. Where does a kid who doesn’t eat and doesn’t nap get so much energy? Which reminds me, I need to start eating healthier and getting more sleep.

So far we’ve been having academic “mini sessions” about every other day. But we’re having fun. The main thing is to keep working at it. Even if it’s one lesson a day (or every other day) in the beginning, we’ll work out way into a full routine, including Mommy’s routine of lesson planning, menu planning, and laundry.

(Which reminds me, I have about six loads of laundry to put away right now.)

Our lessons have been hands-on sorting and we played a matching game with apples.

The four-year-old is learning how to spell her colors, and the two-year-olds are learning to identify their colors. 

I toyed with the idea of doing a more intense homeschool lesson in the afternoon instead of in the morning so that the four-year-old could learn while the two-year-olds nap, but she was too tired by afternoon (maybe it’s because she lays awake at nap time crying about how she’s not tired, doesn’t go to sleep until 9pm despite a 7pm bedtime, and then wakes up with the sun… is it winter yet?).

So for now, it’s a simple hands-on activity in the morning, then lots of play time. However, given that she needs some extra “coaxing” to fall asleep every day, I think it’s time to start incorporating some outdoor activities and movement, at least while we still can.


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