Posted in September 2014

Letting Go of Ideals

The doorbell rings, and the mail carrier has dropped a package at┬ámy doorstep. So I sort through the mail (it’s grocery ad day!) and find something addressed to my neighbor. The mail carrier hasn’t left my curb yet, so I’m within her line of sight as I stick the envelope in my neighbor’s box. (We’re … Continue reading

Considering Others First

As the weather turns cold, my thoughts jump (as in Neil Armstrong’s “One giant leap for mankind”) to Christmas. And Christmas decorating. And they’re reeled back in by the mess at home. Then the mess and the thoughts of Christmas around the corner convert to motivation to clean so I can decorate. Did you follow … Continue reading

Homeschooling Week Two

Ugh. Double Ugh. We’ve started homeschooling. Don’t my “ughs” confuse you, the kids are actually doing quite well. We just have a lot going on right now. Oh, and that week one routine? Out the window on day one. Well, sort of. We’re still finding a routine that works for everyone, including my sobbing, eye-rubbing, … Continue reading