Homeschool Routines

I promised myself in the last post that the routines for homeschool would be broad. Not a list of forty-nine things to accomplish by noon. So here it is. The Monday-through-Friday, week one routine.

One: Morning routines for the house (get dressed, use bathroom, help unload the dishwasher, eat breakfast).

Two: Coloring page (or worksheet) to set the learning tone for the day

Three: Play! Unstructured, fun, play! Build with legos, read books, play with Little People, just good old-fashioned, non-structured play.

Four: Sensory activity to be completed independently before lunch.

Five: Lunch = end of day. My kids are four and 2 1/2, and a half day of structured learning is sufficient.

Will we add art projects and science lessons? Bible lessons and social concepts? Eventually. But for their sake and mine, and for a successful start of homeschooling, we need to keep it simple and obtainable. So that’s what Monday will look like!


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