Homeschool Journey Begins

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned or not, but my oldest child turned four this summer, and we’ve declared this year a trial run of homeschooling preschool. First, because 4K is optional, and second, because the curriculum is one I can easily handle. Plus, there’s a whole lot of hands on learning, so I can makes sure she gets to play while she learns and learn while she plans. It’s about being intentional. Much of this year has been about learning to be intentional.

But, as with many other things, I’m overwhelmed.

I’m overwhelmed because of Pinterest. There, I said it. Every other mom who has a great idea for organization, activities, and ways to incorporate everything from housework to Bible stories.

I’m overwhelmed because there are so many options and I want to do them ALL or do nothing at all.

But that brings us back to the “one at a time” concept. One thing at a time.

One week at a time.

One day at a time.

One subject at a time.

I tend to try to get the whole picture all at once. The “Google Maps” view, where I can zoom out and see the globe, and zoom in to see the shrubs in front of the house. All in place from the beginning. And all while producing bright, sweet kids and having time for myself.

What’s so unrealistic about that?

One Thing At a Time

So what am I going to do first? I don’t know! I’m wanting to start in one week, so I’m adding a dynamic list to the bottom of this post. Only see one thing on my list? Then you’ve tuned in as I’m starting my list. See a whole bunch of things and wish you had it “all together,” too? Realize that I’m starting with nothing. With a blank “Number One.” And one thing at a time, bringing it together.

Week One

Take a deep breath, and determine the broad spectrum of the overall first week. Do I want a theme? A language focus? SAT preparation? No. I want to develop routines. Routines. Routines. Breathe in, breathe out, and create a broad focus routine. Here we go!


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