7×7 Day Eighteen: Breakthrough!

It’s a  long-held belief of mine that discipline breeds desire. How many necessary things do we avoid in the day because we “don’t want to?” Too many! From exercise to forgiveness, anything is hard to do and harder to want to if we aren’t used to doing it. But if we wait until we “want to,” it will never get done, and we’ll die an early, hard death.

It starts with a begrudging first step in a small goal, pushing through the desire to quit, and getting it done (even if it’s 12 hours behind schedule). Then somewhere along the way, it gets easier to spite our lazy or selfish attitudes and push through daily objectives, until eventually it comes with little to no thought.

My morning routine is finally starting to come more out of habit than out of drudging obligation.

Though extremely tired after a late night, I managed to be up before 7am for Bible reading. It took several re-reads before the words came into focus (in both senses of the word), but what a way to start the day! Prayer time was deeper than it ever has been before, due to a craving for more after a one-page morning devotional.

Then came the physical keeping of the body and house: drinking water, making the bed, sorting laundry. On to getting dressed and making sure I have a plan for tomorrow’s dinner (and making sure I have the ingredients for tonight’s dinner).

And now to face the rest of the day.


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