7×7 Day Nine

How long am I going to be doing the 7×7 posts? Until I can get through the whole list by 7am without grumbling, I think.

So here’s today’s update.

By 9am:

I got my Bible reading and prayer time and drank some water while filling the water pitchers.
Made some coffee (not actually on the list)
Are the bed and got dressed.

Dishes were already put away before bed last night (score!) and my daughter helped (score again!), and meat was already defrosted for tonight (but I should make a plan for tomorrow’s dinner).

Laundry progress is going to happen next, since it’s the only thing left on my list.

Shift in Thought Process: I can get other things done as I work through my list. Or, I can work through my list as I get other things done.

Tomorrow’s Goal: actually get started (if not completed) by 7am. Which means early to bed tonight and set the coffee timer tonight.


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