7×7 Day Seven

Still battling the “I don’t want to” attitude, I managed to get through most or my list. I missed making the bed (which doesn’t happen very often anymore), and meat was defrosted already for grilling (except it poured this afternoon and I didn’t have a very good backup plan.)

Morning errands and obligations pushed me to get through my tasks quickly rather than detract my focus from them.

But I’m still really really fighting the do-nothing’s. After my sudden burst of energy cleaning the kitchen table and counter on day five, it still felt cluttered. Clean, but cluttered. And inviting. Not to people, but to every new thing that made its way into the home or kitchen.



I’m trying to build the “clean up and put away the day” mindset. Is it possible to also build the “Don’t put that there!” mindset simultaneously?

Do I have any other choice? They are peanut butter and jelly to the housekeeping sandwich.



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