7×7 Day Six – Discouragement

Isn’t it strange how one day (I.e. Yesterday) a person can be like, “I love my routine! It is so invigorating!” And then the next day (today, for example), “Why am I doing this to myself? I really don’t want to go through the routine today.

Technically, it’s a routine in training so-to-speak, not a fully engrained routine.

I did a little bleary-eyed Bible reading this morning before going downstairs to make Husband’s lunch, then started putting dishes away. So far, a decent start to the routine.

Then, my four-year-old woke up. Not early enough to catch Daddy before going to work, but early enough to be tired and cranky about missing Daddy and everything else that’s happened since them.

Thinking I was still having a fairly successful routine day, I thought, “I should update my blog since things are going so well,” then read the list from Day Three and realized I was way off. So around 11:30 I sorted the clean laundry onto the bed, promising myself I will out it away before day’s end, read my daily devotion, and decided we’d have leftover tacos for dinner. I’d give it a C- but at least I got through the check list, right?


So why do I still feel kind of guilty about not doing it right?

Tomorrow, we have pictures at 11:40, so I have a hard deadline to get my seven things done. Not as hard as 7am, but “Baby steps,” right? It’s better than noon or 4pm.

Now, it’s time to go pull some meat out of the freezer for tomorrow night’s dinner (grilled sausages… My husband is going to love that!), feed the kids, and take them to the library to Wear. Them. Out.


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