7×7 Day One

So, I failed to consider when I was writing last night that 1) today is Saturday, and 2) I didn’t get to sleep until almost 1am, so getting up at six seemed both impractical and unnecessary. But since we’re building the routine of doing these things, I’m still working on them at 4pm after a morning and afternoon of errands and other commitments.

Even musicians practice their scales slowly until they can master the notes and the rhythm, and the faster timing comes with much practice.

So I’m not letting a late start discourage me. No, sir! Not today!


I did successfully start the day with a glass of water, Matthew chapter 13 (the Parable of the Sower is my favorite passage of scripture right now… I need that reminder to not let the cares of this world choke me out!), and some prayer time. Then emptied half the dishwasher, and fed and dressed the family. The only thing that didn’t get done this morning was making the bed, and only because I was already running really late. But I just unloaded the other half of the dishwasher and am going to do that NOW!

Tonight, I load and run the dishwasher and start again tomorrow, which is Sunday, so more adapting. Adapting a routine is still better than having no routine to adapt!


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