Lessons From my Kids: One Thing at a Time

If I give my kids a whole coloring book at once, I get pages that look like this:

Or this:

Or this:

They scribble on a page, flip to a new one, and scribble on it, and they’re done with the coloring book in about ten minutes.

However, if I give them one page at a time, they color, and color, and color until they have a beautifully done piece. Beautiful for a two- or three-year-old, that is.

See how much more she gets done when she focuses on one thing at a time?

And I’m learning that I function the same way. It is REALLY HARD to ignore the other 599 things on my list to focus all my attention on just one task, but when I do focus on just that one task, I do it with excellence.

For example, do you know what this is?


It’s my “one thing” from Friday: the bedroom floor. And the whole bedroom has been clean for 96 hours (and counting). What a wonderful feeling, in hindsight, to have neglected ignored every other inch of my house for the six or so hours it took to make a complete and lasting change in the bedroom.

If you took a day to focus all your energy on one thing, what would it be?


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