Back to Basics: What it Means

Have you ever tried to drive with a worn-out windshield wiper, and added way too much stress to your drive because of it? Or have you ever had one break when you’re halfway home in a rain or snow storm? Sometimes parenting feels like being a windshield wiper. We have a calling and a purpose for our life, and a direction to go in order to fulfill it, but many of us are too worn out or broken to actually see the beauty that God has before us.

We stay up late trying to undo the damage of the day, and the kids wake up early to recreate their masterpiece.

We want to be good parents, yet seem to be the only ones yelling at our kids in public.

We want to be healthy, but 5:00 comes around and we forgot to defrost meat, or didn’t get to the grocery store, and we’re too tired to get to the gym.

And though we are our own worst critic, there’s always someone who tries to out-do us, whether they are actually critical or just trying to “help.”

When we focus too much on the things that aren’t getting done, or are being done wrong, or we wish we hadn’t done, we really start to feel like a broken windshield wiper in a blizzard, just keeping up enough to (hopefully) keep our families out of the ditch.

But we’re not made to focus on these things!

We know the passage of Scripture where Jesus tells Peter, “Get behind me, Satan,” but do we know what comes next? He says, “For you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.


Clean houses and publicly obedient children are things that the world looks at and, sadly, some of them judge based on these, but it’s not what God looks at, and it’s not where our joy come from.

The Challenge

Following an unusually challenging month, I found myself crying out to God. He challenged me to 21 days of letting Him rework some of my faulty foundations – replacing the windshield wiper, if you will – so I could see more clearly. He reminded me of some passages of scripture which I read over and over again. As I made more time for God, the first and most crucial part of getting back to basics, I found I also had more energy for the housekeeping, more grace for my children, and less guilt and shame over my shortcomings… I even invited people over to my messy home!

If you are struggling with inadequacy, let me promise you that you are worth more to God than you can ever imagine, and when He looks at you, He doesn’t see your failures, but rather the beauty and potential He placed within you. And when you team up with God, together you are sufficient!


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