Hello, New Year!

ImageWe’re nine days into 2014, and my family and I recently got back from a nice, long stay with the grandparents. Between my parents and me, I’m not sure who was more spoiled that they got to spend so much time with my little ones, but I’m pretty sure I got the better end of the deal.

Refreshed and Renewed

After taking 15 days away from home, and 48+ hours with just my husband, I came back with some new perspectives, including some refreshed hope and joy!

The year 2013 was a busy one for us, and one that included a lot of self-imposed stress for me as I tried unsuccessfully to get my home in order while going through a move and full time school for my husband. And naturally, the kids reflected mom’s frustrated exhaustion.

Looking Forward

Now, I’m not really a fan of the whole “New Year’s Resolution” concept, but I do see the value in setting goals and putting them in writing.  As the year progresses, you’ll see some changes to the Help My Home format, as well as more specific goals and details on their progress, but in the spirit of big journeys beginning with small steps, here are the broad, soon-to-be-clarified goals for 2014 (and potentially every year of my life… you’ll see what I mean) in order of priority.

Goals for 2014

  1. Back to basics: Love God, love people, love myself
  2. Build discipline: for myself and my kids, towards health/wellness, dependability, and a more organized home and life
  3. Be intentional: Not unlike building disciplines, but making sure not to miss the important things, like date nights, teaching values to my kids, and getting into contact with the people who matter most.
  4. Organization: Finances, home, and menu – get them back on track and keep them on track
  5. Get a hobby: One for myself (sewing), and one for my husband and I to do together.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how a transformed mind leads to a transformed life, and sharing it with you!

Happy New Year!


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