Lessons From A Toddler: Too Much!


The Story

After stuffing her mouth full of banana slices, Little R found herself with a dilemma. She still had more banana slices on her high chair tray, and no room in her mouth. The only logical choice, of course, was to keep stuffing until she could barely breathe, let alone actually chew the food and swallow.

The picture is an old one, from a post (this post) that I intended to write a very long time ago. But, I had too much on my plate (naturally!). It wasn’t until a women’s Bible study yesterday covering the same topic that I remembered I had this picture and decided I really needed to share it!

Mom’s Application

Sometimes we undertake too much. We are full to the brim and keep on stuffing, until we can barely breathe, if at all, let alone do anything well. A parent can moderate how much she gives her toddler in order to encourage better choices, but life is not such a helpful moderator.

No, life puts everything in front of us at once.

And what do we do? We assume that if the task is BEfore us, it must be FOR us, and we take it all on!

Little R didn’t have to eat the whole banana at once. She didn’t have to eat the whole banana at all. And we don’t have to do it all at once, nor do we have to do it all. So just relax, chew, and breathe!

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 9.55.45 AM


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