Fruit Flies: Day Two

After a victorious day of kitchen cleaning and drastic fruit fly reduction, we went out to dinner, came home, and relaxed a little. Unfortunately, when in a war (against fruit flies), one can’t relax until the enemy is 100% defeated. Whoops.
While not as bad as yesterday morning, we have more fruit flies than we did last night. So, either eggs are hatching, flies, or getting back inside somehow, and/or they’re returning from other areas of the house. I. Don’t. Know. Either way, I’m taking more trips outside today, since that method brought a temporary reprieve that was worthwhile. That, and if these are pests that were in fact already in my home, I’m still making progress. However, I’m pretty sure I’ll need a new peach by tomorrow.
Back to work putting away clean dishes, putting dirty dishes and sponges into the dishwasher, and spraying down the surfaces again. I mig try wiping down with vinegar today if I think I can handle it… If you draw more flies with honey tan with vinegar, ten that sounds like a logical solution, right?
After attacking the fruit flies again, I really need to make dinner instead of dining out, get in a workout and shower, then get kids ready for Wednesday night service at church. Busy, busy!


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