The War on Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are one of those problems that start out so mildly annoying that it’s tempting to swat them away and forget about their existence. Until they find a place to breed in your kitchen.

I woke up this morning to a swarm of fruit flies. “This is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!” I had tried some easy-enough remedies for the past several days, such as trapping them in a toothpick-pricked zipper bag with a piece of fruit, or killing them with a cocktail of dish soap, water, and juice. None of these solutions worked.

This morning was spent clearing away the counter tops, spraying the cabinets and garbage disposal with Fantastik, hiding food in the refrigerator and sponges in the dishwasher, and mentally preparing myself to spray down the kitchen with Raid.

But then I noticed that as I made the kitchen less attractive to these bothersome bugs, they migrated to other rooms. I really didn’t feel like dousing my whole home with Raid!

So I made one last-ditch chemical-free attempt: One overripe peach in a washed out yogurt container. It had a clear lid, so I could spy on the pint-sized pests, and I offset the lid just enough that they could “sneak” in to get to the peach, but not so much that they could fly out easily. (Turns out, reverse psychology works with insects as well as  children… “No, please don’t eat my peach!”)

One I had a satisfactory number of fruit flies, I snapped the lid on tight and released the frightened captives into the outdoors. So far I’ve made four trips outdoors. They’re not gone, but I can cook in my  kitchen without ingesting the insects.

Now I just have to continue making my home as unwelcoming as possible to the fruit flies, and perhaps a few shots of Raid rather than the whole house.


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