Posted in August 2013

Fruit Flies: Gone But Not Forgotten

We still have a few lingering, annoying little fruit flies after all that effort. However, they have been dwindling down to almost gone for the past few days. The peach in a yogurt cup turned out to be the trick, with a little patience and consist an y. However, it occurred to me after the … Continue reading

Fruit Flies: Day Two

After a victorious day of kitchen cleaning and drastic fruit fly reduction, we went out to dinner, came home, and relaxed a little. Unfortunately, when in a war (against fruit flies), one can’t relax until the enemy is 100% defeated. Whoops. While not as bad as yesterday morning, we have more fruit flies than we … Continue reading

The War on Fruit Flies

The War on Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are one of those problems that start out so mildly annoying that it’s tempting to swat them away and forget about their existence. Until they find a place to breed in your kitchen. I woke up this morning to a swarm of fruit flies. “This is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!” I had tried some easy-enough … Continue reading

Busyness Strikes Again

It’s been a while, again, since I’ve posted anything fresh and new at Help My Home. We’ve had a lot going on! Here’s a sampling: Housework Putting into practice all the ideas and disciplines previously discussed on Help My Home. Laundry, dishes, de-clutter, repeat. Health Eating at home more Establishing a fitness “routine” Life in … Continue reading