End Of Day Reflection

Another day has come and gone, and again I’m thinking I should have been able to get more done. The dishwasher is running, so I’ll put those away in the morning. Laundry is sorted, but I didn’t feel right about running the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time. Valid excuse to put laundry off until morning, right? Valid or not, I used it.
Trying to remember what I actually accomplished today:
Kept kids alive
Made lunch dinner instead of dining out
Got kids to take a nap in their beds (as opposed to the closet, which has been a recent favorite
Went to Target and spent less than $50
Ran dishwasher
Recycled mail

Perhaps the day wasn’t so unproductive, after all. Tomorrow should be more productive because (1) Daddy’s home to help entertain kids (2) weather should be nicer, and (3) we have someone coming over for lunch, so I REALLY need to get the living room picked up!


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