New Hobby: the Garden

Our new home has a small flower garden in the front yard, except currently it’s a weed garden. After spending a few hours yesterday uncovering weeds, roots, and a couple of ugly bugs, the garden reminds me of a few universal truths. I’m not an expert gardener, so I’ll just stick the the “universal” part of it.

Things Worthwhile Take Time (And Often, Money)

After a few collective hours, I put about a 1×2 foot dent in the garden. Another 8×2 feet to go. P.S. some of those weeds have deep roots!

Proper Tools are Essential

It turns out weeding a garden requires more than gloves, determination, and a leaky watering can, so I bought a new watering can, a cultivator, and a weeder. We’ll see how this goes.

Keep Things Fun

Kids playing in the grass (and dirt) made the time pass more quickly, and the slow progress was less discouraging than it could have been.

Problems Must be Removed from the Root

Go as “deep” as you wish with this one. It felt like I was going about 2 feet into the earth, but it was probably more like 2-3 inches. Either way, lopping off the head of the weed doesn’t make it go away.

As a side note, I walked past a vacant lot being mowed yesterday, then when I walked past again today it was littered with yellow dandelion heads. 

Thirsty Soil Doesn’t Yield its Roots

I had never thought about it before, but it was nearly impossible to pull weeds and roots from the severely dried out soil. It took several trips to the faucet before the soil offered me any mercy.


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