Dinner “Disaster”






Pretty much sums up our life lately. My husband is putting in about 80 hours a week between work and school, and I get to do everything else. He helps out when and where he’s able, but we both have a full schedule.

I’ve been really determined to eat at home more this year. January and February had menus and dinner plans that went really well. March was mostly using up the pantry and freezer in preparation for moving. April, well, not so much. Between the exhaustion of packing, unpacking, and cleaning both homes while managing to keep the kids alive, we’ve been eating out more than we wanted to.

Debating between drive-thru and freezer meals, I decided that a freezer “convenience meal” was still the better option; it’s cheaper, I know what is in it (whether I like the ingredients or not), and we eat around the dining room table. I’ve decided even if I have to drive to the grocery store every night, it’s no less driving than going to a restaurant every night. It’s not ideal, but we’re eating well enough for now.

So tonight I grabbed a few good deals on freezer meals. My exhausted husband was trying to nap between work and school, and I was cooking and managing hungry kids.

Turned on the skillet.

Opened the bag.

Turned around BRIEFLY.

The open bag upset and spilled half its contents onto the yet-to-be-mopped, box-laden floor.

It’s okay, I bought two skillet meals. I’ll cook the other one, instead.

Cooked it up, served it up, and watched my husband take two bites before realizing something in the ingredient list didn’t agree with his exhausted body.

So he’s going to run through the drive-thru after all on his way to class. *Sigh*

The good news is, I started a menu plan again last night, so we can get back to being intentional about dinners, and I know I can cook food that everyone will be able to eat.


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