60 Days Notice – Acknowledging Providence

So… we’re in the thick of moving and I’m sneaking in a late-night “everyone else is sleeping and I should be, too” kind of post. It’s rough and unedited. Sorry. But I wanted to keep you posted, and take a moment to give credit where credit is due.

It’s amazing how many things are “falling into place” as we prepare for our move. When God puts His hand on something, He really puts His hand on it!

Here’s how Providence is playing a role in this move:


We picked this week to move because my husband has a break from projects at work as well as his spring break. Additionally, Grandma was able to get time off of work and a great price on airfare to come hang out with the kids while we clean.


Three weeks ago, I was a little nervous about moving large furniture across the snow-crusted grass. But then I remembered how God has worked out all the details, and reminded myself, “God won’t forget about the snow or the weather.” A week ago, when it was SNOWING again, I went through this same thought process (and on Wednesday when I slipped on ice taking boxes out to the van). Yet, after a 30-hour Easter getaway, we returned to only a trace amount of snow on the ground!


Provision has come through not only for first month’s rent and security deposit, but also appliances and now furniture! (See below)


(novella below about how we obtained this sofa and its matching love seat)


We stepped into Colder’s (which we don’t usually visit), and were helped by Ashley, who was a wonderful saleslady (shameless local plug). We told her what we were looking for and our budget, and she mentioned that she had a few “groups” that were on sale and would fit our budget. She led us to one group, which we liked, and showed us the fabric it was available in. We found our favorite fabric, but wanted to satisfy my curiosity and see the other group that was in the same price range. We liked the other sofa even better. One last thing to satisfy the curiosity again… what did they have in the back room?

Wouldn’t you know it, they had the sofa we liked in the back room, upholstered with the fabric we would have otherwise special-ordered. It had a few scuffs on the feet and one mark on the fabric of the matching love seat, but was cheaper than special order and available immediately. The sofa and love seat now sit in our new living room. How cool is that?! God is so good!


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