60 Days Notice – Keys!

Got a phone call from the new landlord, and we can pick up our keys on Wednesday. Two more days!

We are so excited, but have quite a bit left to do. Here’s the plan:

  1. Pick up keys, buy shelving for basement, stock up on second-hand lamps.
  2. Move over a few essentials, and leave behind van seats
  3. Move over all packed boxes, fill more.
  4. Move remaining boxes and furniture
  5. Unpack the new place and clean the old.

A few ground rules for post-move:

  1. Nothing gets unpacked if it doesn’t have a place. The boxes are clearly labeled, so we can find things later if we need them.
  2. Recognize that not everything that made the “first cut” has to make a “second cut” as we unpack. Continue to donate and toss.
  3. Each day’s mess gets picked up at the end of the day.

Each day I feel like I’m at an impass, where the only things left to pack are the things we still need (e.g. toilet paper, deodorant, and dishes), but then still manage to find something to box up or throw out.

Today I get to make another run to goodwill to drop off donations, and look at their selection of lamps. The new place is beautiful, but has very few light fixtures, so we’re going to need a LOT of lamps! We can dress up the lighting as time goes on, but the first focus in the new home is functionality.


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