60 Days Notice – Changing Habits

As we anticipate our upcoming move, we are also working on some new habits.

Preparing for the Move

Purging: Nothing makes the move that is broken, stained, unused, unnecessary, wrong size, or expired. We are tossing, donating, and recycling, but not moving them!

Using up: Food is the primary component here. It’s been a month or so since I’ve used a recipe, and everything’s been a throw-together. But my cooking skills are improving, and the freezer is less than half full with food!

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 9.32.05 PM
Stop or reduce purchasing:
 No more 48-pack of toilet paper or buying six boxes of diapers when they go on sale… at least for now. The goal is just enough to get us through April 6 (moving day), plus a little extra for the new home until we can go shopping.

Projects put on hold: Craft projects, certain aspects of business ventures, and that big pile of books to be read. It’s okay to have a box labeled “in progress” for different projects. The only things not on hold are the Help My Home blog and my husband’s schooling. And the frequency at Help My Home is taking a hit, if you haven’t noticed.

Preparing for Our New Home

(Re-)Establishing habits for a cleaner home: These are the things we struggle with now because we’ve started out behind. Things like sweeping the kitchen after dinner or shredding the mail as it comes in the door.

Mentally Changing Routines

We can’t make all the changes right away, but I’m starting to rehearse thoughts like, “This is when I’d take the garbage out,” or, “This is when I’d throw the laundry straight into the washing machine, even if it’s 11pm.” I’ll let you know how that works after the move.

Thinking Forward

Envisioning the kind of home I want to have (cleanliness, organization, decoration) makes it easier to establish good habits and purge the things that don’t fit in. Now I just need to spend less time researching shower curtains and more time packing.


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