60 Days Notice – Finally!

I know you saw the moving boxes in the previous post, but now I can officially say “We are moving!” Why couldn’t I say it before?

  • Because we needed to tell a few specific people before going public.
  • Because we needed to give written notice to the landlord
  • Because every year we talk about moving and want to move, but things would always fall through. Not this year!

Why Now?

A variety of reasons.

  • Impressionable kids who repeat words and attitudes, and neighbors offer TOO MANY words and attitudes to repeat. We’re responsible for their proper upbringing. (As a side note, we have a handful of neighbors that we really LOVE, and will be hard to leave them behind.)
  • Our home is ready. We looked in previous years, but never had that peace that comes when you’re pursuing God’s will. Other places were the wrong price, layout, smell (i.e. smoking), etc., and we had peace to stay a little longer. Now God has opened up the doors of the place we’re supposed to live, and it’s time!
  • Changes in ownership and management. New leadership has been making changes and choices that make it hard to feel welcome here.
  • The timing lines up divinely. A break in work projects and school, some time off for Grandma to come help (super excited to see her again), and finances lined up so perfectly!

Now What?

We’ve submitted our notice, and we’ve submitted our application for our new home. Now we:

  • Wait for the application to go through, then sign lease
  • Continue to pack and purge.
  • Research appliances (we get to buy our own!)

Stay tuned for more on the moving process.


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