Hills and Valleys

It’s been a busy month here at Help My Home. I’m not at liberty to disclose everything that’s been going on (yet), but here are a few of the highlights:

The Do-Nothings Return with a Vengeance

Weather, a backed-up kitchen sink, and a variety of physical maladies have all played a role in things not getting done. Then, I wore a hole in my favorite dish gloves!

Dishes piled up, laundry piled up, the garbage piled up, and the ants have returned.

New Tools

We bought a shredder, which has helped us attack the paper monster. I never realized how much of our mess was paper clutter until we started getting rid of it!

Good old-fashioned baking soda and vinegar cleared out drain, thus making dish-washing easier. (I have mixed feelings about this.)

and bags are being filled daily.  

Out! Out! Out!

We’ve been purging, including shredding, recycling, using up food and toiletries, donating, throwing out, and fixing/mending.

By the end of March, we will have thinned out everything (including freezer and pantry), operating on only essentials. Then in April we’ll start re-building our home in a way that works for us. Doesn’t that sound like a great theory? I’m really looking forward to sharing the rebuilding process with you!

Kids: They’re Still Here

Recently, making “progress” with kids in the house has been a combination of nap time, movies, and caffeine (that last one is for me). That, and learning to overlook the pile of popsicle sticks for a minute day or two while I focus on other things.

I’ve learned to be intentional about bonding time with the kids, and schedule the other “stuff” around it. It seems almost counterintuitive to spend so much time reading and playing with the kids, but they behave better and fall asleep faster when I need to work on my to-do list.

Check back later for our “big announcement!”


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