12 Hour Notice

Years ago I read an article about a family whose kids were taken away by social services because their house was so unkempt. I know my home is nowhere near this condition, but ever since then I have had a secret nightmare of social services showing up unannounced on a worse-than-usual housekeeping day.

IMG_6078 IMG_6075
Our apartment management slipped a “12-hour notice” under our door saying they’d be inspecting the premises. Oh, great. Illogical fears and questions were swarming through my head.

  • Do we have smells emitting from our unit and the neighbors complained?
  • Did the maintenance man peek in when he was supposed to be killing the bees on the patio?
  • What prompted this “inspection of premises?”
  • Are they looking for a reason to evict us?
  • Are they going to issue a “clean up or move out” notice?
  • Have they been reading my blog?

I tried to get out of it. I tried to reschedule. I gave excuses and offered alternatives. So they gave me an extra 24 hours. What did I do?
IMG_6082 IMG_6088
I looked up the laws. I left apartment brochures on the table with the 12-hour notice and brought up my moving boxes and started packing (I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic).
Then I lit candles, put away laundry, and washed some dishes.

At 11am today, she came in and jotted the color of the counter tops, the carpet, and the bathroom tile, asked if I had any questions or concerns, and then left.

Some Most days I’m pretty insecure about my inability to manage the home with two small kids and an overbooked husband, and when I get a 12-hour notice that a stranger wants to walk through my apartment, I admit, I panic!

Today I learned I really need to get over that, because it wasn’t that bad.


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