How I’m Spending Nap Time

The kids just went to bed and haven’t fallen asleep for nap yet. In fact, one is still crying. I’m always a little hesitant to be out of ear shot while they’re awake (especially since the baby powder incident), so I’m turning on some music and jotting down my plan for nap time.

  • Laundry: sorted, washed, dried, and put away
  • Dishes: put away and more washed
    IMG_6003 IMG_6001
  • Living room: picked up (progress, at least) and maybe vacuumed today(!)
    IMG_6014 IMG_6005
  • Dinner underway: leftovers, but I  need to make some gravy to go with it
  • Resting and catching up on some reading

It’s amazing how much of the daily routine revolves around laundry, isn’t it? Put the kids down when it’s time to sort laundry, and fit dishes and daily pick-up between loads. Let’s call it “multi-tasking” instead.

Once the kids wake up, Daddy should be home, and we’ll be able to enjoy some time together! Who knows, maybe it will take less than three hours to fall asleep tonight after a productive day. Maybe.

What actually happened: Kids took offset naps while the laundry washed and dried, and the baby snacked on crackers while I did dishes and made gravy. So while H and Daddy nap, I’m debating putting Baby R down for another nap while I go put air in the tires. Then come home, eat dinner, and possibly get laundry put away or pick up in the living room before leaving for church. Woohoo! Resting and reading is now reserved for bed time.


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