The Week in Review

The week isn’t technically over yet; I still have Saturday to finish my list. Either way, it’s time for some reflection on Monday’s quickly drafted list:

Kitchen: Successfully re-stacked the dishes, and made some significant headway, especially on the big (and heavy) dishes. The small promise was kept, and the bigger goal is about 75% done. (I have no formula; this is random estimation). I’ve seen the bottom of the sink at least once per day.

The challenge in the kitchen is that we live here. We have successfully been eating every meal at home (with one exception) for the past three weeks. The dishes continue to pile up almost as fast as I can wash them. But starting with a small promise makes the attempt less daunting.

Living Room: We still have tomorrow, right? And guess where some of the new laundry ended up? On the couch!

Bedrooms: We reached the bottom of the laundry basket, and kids’ clothes are put away. The adult clothes will be put away as soon as this post is done.

All things considered, I’d say this was a successful week. We’re still not ready for a photo-shoot (or even a surprise knock on the door), but the HUGE success is the habits that are forming: we are making progress back toward a peaceful home every day of the week, and have time and space for other hobbies, like homework, sewing, and cooking.


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