Discipline, Level One

Our apartment generally goes from decent to disaster in about 18 hours, and as I look around, all I can think is “lack of discipline.” It’s not that we aren’t capable of a clean home; our circumstances do not make it “impossible.” We face obstacles, but overcoming those obstacles takes a level of (*ugh*) discipline. Make that a high level of discipline. I really want to raise my kids to be people o discipline, but can only do so if they see it in us, as well. So where do we start?

I try to focus first on the disciplines at kid level. If it’s easy enough for a child to learn, it should be easy enough for a busy adult to learn, right? Here’s what that looks like:

  • I want my kids to put their dishes in the sink, so I put my dishes in the sink.
  • I want my kids to hang up their coats (or bring them to me to hang), so I hang up my coat (instead of throwing it on the couch).
  • I want my toddler to put her clothes in the hamper, so I put the baby’s clothes and my own in the hamper, and remind her to do the same (followed by a high-five).
  • I don’t want my kids to spend all day in front of the (TV) screen, so I shut down and spend time away from the (computer) screen, particularly when they are awake.
  • And so on…

Seems elementary to a seasoned housekeeper, but this is a few weeks’ worth of habit forming for some of us!

What area of discipline, great or small, are you working on?

(Don’t get me wrong, we are highly disciplined in other areas of life… just not here, and I want to change that!)


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