On the Eleventh Day of Christmas Cleaning: Eleven Shelves Organized

All I want for Christmas is an orderly home, and the deadline is fast approaching. Today’s focus was on elves shelves, many of which were done recently. (Sorry my camera battery died, so I’ll try to insert more pictures later.)

On the eleventh day of Christmas cleaning, here’s what I got done:

Eleven shelves organized – The kitchen pantry and cupboards were recently organized, but more ingredients have been purchased, the baby outgrew her bottles, etc., so it was time to take another look. Also found some items close to expiring or in the wrong order (oldest in the back), so I know what I need to use in the near future.
IMG_5647 IMG_5655

Ten drawers straightened – Four from the kitchen, and the kids’ 6-drawer-dressers
(Found this at the bottom of my towel drawer :()

Bonus note: I love storing kids’ clothes vertically (think “filing cabinet”) so I can see and access everything easily. Also makes it easier to select items for donation if they don’t all fit.

Nine decorations – We’re getting there! Part of the creative effort was giving my toddler a Q-tip and a small amount of finger paint. Also, four stocking holders and four stockings.

Eight items recycled –

Seven items tossed – Found lots of spices that haven’t been used since before their expiration date, which was not this year.

Six items donated – some from the pantry, some from the dressers.

Five mini-errands –

Four containers filled and/or emptied – a load of laundry from the basket, a box of goodies for the in-laws, a case of canning jars emptied and washed (for day twelve’s shelf organization), and a random box from the master bedroom

Three surfaces cleared

Two floors

And  a kitchen cleaner than the day before – dishes put away, plus what was done with shelves and drawers.


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