On the Tenth Day of Christmas Cleaning: Ten Drawers Straightened

Today has been an uninspiring weather day. The girls’ wake time was spent playing and cuddling, and persuading them to get dressed. This leaves me very little time to get through my task list, but I’ll accomplish as much as I can!

On the tenth day of Christmas cleaning, here’s what I got done:

Ten drawers straightened – Seven dresser drawers and three desk drawers. It’s (past) time wash shorts and put them away.

Nine Two decorations – two pictures framed, and I still need to go shopping or get creative for the rest.

Eight (minimum) items recycled – Lots of papers in the master bedroom.

Seven things tossed – Tugging at my sentimental strings, it was time to throw out some badly stained or torn children’s clothing. It’s easy to say “I could fix that,” but if the item is not getting fixed, it’s time to get rid of it.

Six items donated –

Five mini errands – Not excited about going outside given the weather, but recycle and garbage had to go out today. Three more trips to the basement.

Four containers emptied and/or filled – Loaded two suitcases in an organized fashion, consolidated the “soon but not yet” clothes (summer 3T and 4T) into one container. Two more packages came today, which were emptied and placed beneath the tree as well.

Three surfaces cleared – reached the bottom of a laundry hamper, more progress on the desk, and re-cleared the dresser, which was being used for temporary storage.

Two floors vacuumed – crushed cereal from the kids’ room (no more cereal allowed in the bedroom!) and one side of the master bedroom, too. Again, the pre-vacuuming was a hefty task!

And a kitchen cleaner than the day before – dishes caught up, also soaked some stinky dish towels in a vinegar-water solution and then washed. Much better!


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