On the Ninth Day of Christmas Cleaning: Nine Decorations

 I knew that keeping a home clean is hard work, but this constant catch-up-to-get-ahead housework is exhausting! Add to that the busyness of getting everything ready for Christmas, and this mama is T.I.R.E.D. Tomorrow is another day, though, and the schedule is otherwise empty.

Also, as I was writing this, I could hear the dreaded sound of paper bag ripping in the background. My recycle bag was emptied and being shredded. Nooooo!!!!!! The issue has been addressed, and back to blogging!

On the ninth day of Christmas cleaning, here’s what I got done:

Nine Three decorations – a 2013 calendar set out, a few candles… and I need to go shopping, digging through the basement, or get creative!

Eight items (minimum) recycled – from the night stands

Seven old things tossed – also from the night stands

Six items donated – thinned out the kids’ dresser for seven pieces of clothing
Five mini errands 
Church, and a late night shopping run for lots of groceries. At least I put the groceries away!

Four containers filled/emptied

IMG_5594 IMG_5596
Repurposed an unused set of plastic drawers for full outfits, so the toddler can “choose” her outfit, and all the coordinating pieces (including socks and underwear) are in the drawer.

IMG_5601 IMG_5603
Emptied a toy baby bottle filled with crayons (!)
Emptied a small box on the bedside table (most of which was tossed). Cut the flaps off and re-purposed it… It’s the perfect size for car necessities!

Emptied, organized, and re-filled the drawer on the bedside table

Three surfaces cleared  – Two bedside tables and progress on the desk.

Two floors ready to be vacuumed (tomorrow?) – around the bed

And a kitchen with grand ambitions for tomorrow.


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