On the Eighth Day of Christmas Cleaning: Eight Items Recycled

Over the last week, this apartment has been transformed. We still have plenty of room for improvement, but wow! I love waking up in the morning to see so much clean! I wanted to start decorating today (“Eight decorations”), but I realized I don’t have that many decorations 😦 So I moved on to the next item on my list: Recycle!

On the eighth day of Christmas cleaning, here’s what I got done:

Eight items (minimum) recycled – Once I started going through papers, I kept going! This apartment holds a lot of recyclable items!
On the Eighth Day o Christmas Cleaning: Eight (Minimum) Items Recycled

Seven items tossed – Expired items from the medicine cabinet.
IMG_5574 IMG_5575

Six items donated – An old end table from college, a few books, a pair of shoes, and (don’t tell grandma) one of my many sewing patterns.

Five mini errands – recycle, garbage and diapers, and three trips to the basement

Four containers filled and/or emptied – kids’ diapers stocked, travel/trial toiletries contained (I’ll need to go through them again later, but they’re all in one place, at least), off-size winter items in a storage tub, and nail polish into a small shoe box.
Diapers stocked IMG_5605

Three surfaces cleaned
Bathroom sink de-cluttered and cleaned
IMG_5576 IMG_5577
Two dressers cleared and dusted

Two floors (pre-)vacuumed – finished the living room (at last!) and prepped the bedroom for tomorrow.

And a kitchen cleaner than the night before – Today I scrubbed my dish drying rack. Scum, like clutter, snuck in unannounced and looked pretty ugly before I noticed its arrival.


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