On the Seventh Day of Christmas Cleaning: Seven Items Tossed

Seven Days until Christmas, and we’ve crossed the halfway point of our Twelve Days of Christmas Cleaning. What a relief to also have survived such a busy weekend  and be back to work (at home)!

On the seventh day of Christmas cleaning, here’s what I got done:

Seven items tossed – all of which were from the kitchen, and mostly from the fridge. I’m a bit squeamish about spoiled food, so I like to seal it into a Ziploc storage bag (if the container isn’t disposable) before throwing it into the garbage, lest the garbage doesn’t go out right away and the offensive aroma fills the apartment.
On the Seventh Day of Christmas Cleaning: Seven Items Tossed IMG_5564

Six items donated – Found some maternity tops and bottoms that didn’t fit right.
Six Items Donated

Five mini-errands – Packages delivered to the Post Office (this personal errand doubles as a housekeeping errand, because it de-clutters the living room), donations dropped off at Goodwill, one trip to the dumpster with a rotted butternut squash, and two trips to the basement in conjunction with the loads of laundry being done.

Four containers emptied and/or filled – Remember that laundry basket I mentioned yesterday? Those contents were put away, as well as nursing tops, ran a load of laundry and put that away, and went through a box of mismatched socks, throwing out some that have been matchless for a long time.
Four Containers Filled and/or Emptied

Three sheets changed

Two floors spot-treated

And a kitchen cleaner than the night before – We seem to alternate: one night is major progress and a break from dishes, then the next night is catching up on dishes with no “major progress.” This night was dishes. Either way, it’s been a long time since the kitchen has been this clean!


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