On the Sixth Day of Christmas Cleaning: Six items donated

Set-backs hurt the most when motivation is actually present. Where there is no motivation, set-backs are more of a relief, but not now! Now I am trying to regain ground that was lost with yesterday’s busy schedule.

On the sixth day of Christmas cleaning, here’s what I got done.

Six items donated – Food, extra diapers, and mostly clothes. Didn’t get them dropped off today, but they’re in the car waiting to go for tomorrow.


Five mini errands – Two trips to the basement to put away storage, recycling to the other side of the parking lot, donation bag to the car, and garbage out
IMG_5511 IMG_5514

(1) Putting two paper recycle bags in a laundry basket reduced the need to either (1) struggle all the way across the parking lot, or (2) take an extra trip.
(2) Labeling boxes with the year in which they are filled allows sentimental housekeepers to go through boxes in a later year when they are less attached to the items.

Four containers filled/emptied

  • Unloaded a box of wipes into the closet (now can use the box for storing other items if needed)
  • Filled a box of sentimental t-shirts (the ones we don’t wear, but can’t bear to part with)
  • Kids’ Christmas presents boxed, wrapped, and put under the tree
  • Basket of kids’ stuff loaded up and ready to be put away in the morning (when they are not sleeping in their room)

Three surfaces cleared – Reclaimed the sofa, a side table in the entryway, and de-cluttered the table with the Christmas tree

Two floors vacuumed – re-vacuumed the kids’ room and the living room. Still haven’t got to the whole living room, but spent a lot less time pre-vacuuming!

And a kitchen slightly cleaner than the night before – promptly discarded the pizza container from dinner, and consolidated a few items in the fridge. Also took out the garbage before it started to overflow!


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