On the Fourth Day of Christmas Cleaning: Four Containers Filled/Emptied

Today’s task bears some flexibility (even more than the others), allowing creativity as days go on. With an errand-packed schedule today, I flexed toward the lighter side of each task. (As a side note, why must it take 90 minutes to get the kids dressed and out the door?!)

On the fourth day of Christmas cleaning, here’s what I got done:

Four containers filled and/or emptied – Two packages arrived today, which were opened (emptied) and contents were placed beneath the Christmas tree. Also put away a load of laundry and filled a small box for a Christmas present. Ideally, this task will get “heavier” as time goes on, but today was intentionally light.

Three surfaces wiped down – Scrubbed the kitchen sink (have I mentioned recently how much I love Barkeeper’s Friend?), washed the bathroom mirror, and wiped the milk spills off the patio door.
IMG_5439 Clean sink with Barkeepers Friend and damp paper towel

Two floors put off until tomorrow – and not a hint of guilt!

And a kitchen cleaner than the day before – Besides scrubbing the sink, the recycle was bagged up and is ready to go out the door in the morning.

As a bonus note, today was a real test of commitment:

  • The two-year-old hiding in the closet every time I tried to put her coat on
  • Near-emergency trying to get to the bathroom
  • News of the Connecticut elementary shooting (that was a big emotional whammy, and my heart goes out to those families impacted)
  • Following up with people for tomorrow’s birthday party
  • Finger paint all over the two-year-old, her clothes, and the carpet.
  • Laundry (washing the birthday outfit)

(Can you blame me for passing on the floors today?)


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