On the Third Day of Christmas Cleaning: Three Surfaces Cleared

We ran out of milk at 11 o’clock last night (in the middle of catching up the dishes). This means that in addition to the Twelve Days of Christmas Cleaning schedule, time will be spent bundling up the kids and buckling them into their carseats to go spend $3 at the grocery store. (This must be practice for tomorrow’s errand-filled schedule.)

On the third day of Christmas cleaning, here’s what I got done:

Three surfaces cleared – the kitchen table, the two-piece coffee table, and something TBD (I’ll edit that later with pictures, but midnight blogging is taking its toll on my productivity). Junk mail, a change of seasons, and outgrown children’s items are the biggest culprits, but failing to put stuff away is also an issue.


Two floors swept – Kids live in the kitchen, and so do their crumbs and their toys. A small bathroom has lots of corners that get overlooked (enough said!), and those were swept out as well.
Two floors swept Two floors swept

And a kitchen cleaner than the day before – The cookware and bakeware finally made it back into the cabinet. In a small kitchen, this meant re-arranging because some of the heavy pots are buried and/or stacked. After the kids went to bed, the stove and sink got a good washing, too.
Messy stove Clean stove

(Don’t forget to lift the stove top and clean underneath)

Bonus Note: This schedule is aggressive, even for a stay-at-home mom, and it’s going to get more intense as the days go on. Realize that if I was working part- or full-time, this would be a different story. Not saying it can’t be done, but give yourself grace if your schedule is fuller than mine!

Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “On the Third Day of Christmas Cleaning: Three Surfaces Cleared

    • Yes we did, thanks for noticing! We are very appreciative of this generous gift from a family member, and love that the whole family fits “around” the table now, instead of the previous table that was too big for our little kitchen.

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