On the Second Day of Christmas Cleaning: Two Floors

Thirteen days until Christmas, and this small apartment is still not ready for a photo shoot of kids opening presents (or any other topic besides a housekeeping blog). A strict and ambitious cleaning schedule, however, brings it a little closer.

On the second day of Christmas cleaning, here’s what I got done:

On the Second Day of Christmas: Two Floors Vacuumed

On the Second Day of Christmas: Two Floors Vacuumed

Two floors vacuumed – This was not as easy as it sounds. “Easy” would assume that the floors only needed vacuuming. There was also picking up toys and clothes and shuffling around toy bins and the play pen in the kids’ room. Then there was picking up recycling, garbage, gift wrapping, clean diapers, more toys, and today’s cereal and dishes from the living room floor. (I don’t understand it, either.) Sigh… What was originally “two rooms” turned into “two floors,” because only half of the living room was vacuumed today. But still, two something!

IMG_5387  IMG_5392

And a cleaner kitchen than the day before – Clean dishes put away and others washed. Intended to put away pots and pans, but pre-vacuuming sucked my energy. (Looks like humor is a casualty of late-night blogging). Also put away the cooking/baking ingredients that were left out in the get-somewhere rush.

IMG_5399 IMG_5398


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