On the First Day of Christmas Cleaning: A Kitchen Cleaner Than the Night Before

We’ve just wrapped up our Christmas musical, the kids are (relatively) healthy, and Christmas is two weeks away. Say what?! Busyness can be a cancer to cleanliness for the housekeeping-impaired. And no matter how clean the rooms were in October, they are a mess in December with dishes piled high, laundry waiting to be washed or put away, unopened mail, and paraphernalia from the busyness waiting to be addressed.

What. A. Mess!
IMG_5359  IMG_5358  IMG_5357

I know I can get out of this. I’ve gotten out of this in the past. Now, we have a time line (13 days). I want to take pictures of kids opening presents, and I don’t want clutter and cobwebs to be in the background (I’m not that good with Photoshop).

The best way to get out of any mess (literal, financial, or otherwise) is one step at a time. Pick something that can be done today, and do it. Today!

With that said, here’s this year’s attempt at (rendition of) Twelve Days of Christmas CLEANING.

On the first day of Christmas cleaning, here’s what I got done… One long night of dishes (pots/pans, plates, bowls, silverware, glasses…).

IMG_5359 IMG_5362

(Stove before/after – the pots and lids are clean, just need to be put away)

IMG_5358 IMG_5363

(Counter before/after)

IMG_5357 IMG_5364

(Sink before/after)

Only thing left are a handful of toddler dishes, a bowl, and a Ziploc container that we just emptied out – but alas, the drying rack was already maxed out.

Yes, there’s a ways to go with the kitchen, but what a difference one night makes, no? Stay tuned for the second day of Christmas cleaning!


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