On Balance

We’ve established that keeping a clean home is hard work. So here’s a note on balance.


(image source)

If you find yourself, as I have, tempted to lock the kids in their room until the dishes are done (for example), it may be time to re-assess priorities. Yes, a heavily cluttered and dirty home can cause some serious problems, and working our way out of a mess is important. Just remember there are many degrees of clean. It’s equally important to pause and celebrate progress along the way, and remember that a less-than-perfect home is a sign of a lived-in home.


(image source)

It takes seconds to pause, love, and resume. Don’t become so obsessed with cleaning that we don’t make time for others, or become critical of those who work “against” us when they forget to put things away or can’t drop everything and scrub floors.

Clean requires time, but pursue it in a timetable that works for you. Don’t cut out relationships for the sake of a spotless home. After all, most people come to see you, not your home. (At least, that’s what my most important friends and family tell me.)


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